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The Fly Zone Membership

Exclusive access to marketing & business resources


All of the cool stuff that we offer, made affordable for small businesses who aren’t able to spend their dollars on hiring a full-time marketing agency


membership details

What does it include?

1. The Hatch & Fly Business Growth Forum Facebook Group

This Facebook group is designed specifically for small business owners seeking positive and encouraging information and resources that will help their businesses soar to new heights in the marketing world.

This group will provide the following resources:

– Community Information
– Weekly Tips
– Discussions 
– Facebook Live Interviews with experts in our industry
– Networking Opportunities
– Showcase Business Members
– Coaching
– Team Building
– Business Related Advice
– Resource & Affiliate Codes 

2. Food & Flight Lessons

Enjoy access to all Food & Flight Lessons throughout the year on a number of topics to help you grow your business. The Food & Flight Lessons cover a wide range of topics that are relevant to operating any size business. Our expert trainers will lead you through the steps necessary to fly down the runway and happily take any and all questions you have.

3. Private Trainings & Consultations

Two hour private trainings and/or consultation with experts in your industry that can help you soar your business to new heights through guidance on a number of topics. With the consultant of your choice, you can work through projects, issues, employee challenges, finances, or how annoying it is the way your neighbor cuts their grass slightly shorter than yours. Whatever your chosen topic, the consultant can help guide you through and address questions as they arrive to better equip your journey forward.

which option works best for you?

What’s included?
– Group access to the Hatch & Fly Business Growth Forum and
 Food & Flight Lesson Passengers Facebook groups 

– Access to all Food & Flight Lesson Workshops*
– Two hour consultation/service**

*workshops per month do NOT roll-over if not used
**consultation hours may roll over to accrue for future projects



What’s included?
– Group access to the Hatch & Fly Business Growth Forum and
Food & Flight Lesson Passengers Facebook groups
– Access to all Food & Flight Lesson workshops*
– Current active clients receive a complimentary business class membership

*workshops per month do NOT roll-over if not used


What’s included? 
– Group access to the
Hatch & Fly Business Growth Forum Facebook group


how does billing work?

– No long-term contract, month to month or quarterly payment options available
– Monthly recurring billing via authorized credit/debit card
– You will be billed the 1st business day of each month
$199 administrative one time setup fee


What is the cancellation policy?

– 30 day-written notice addressed to: 124 MARRIOTT DRIVE, SUITE 103, TALLAHASSEE, FL 32301 OR
– 30 day-notice formal email addressed to: hello@hatchandfly.com