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When Audrey heard that Holly was pulling her hair out of frustration because of the sea of emails, usernames and passwords that were a royal pain in her neck, they got together and spent an entire day uncovering and discovering where all of the information was. Once they consolidated the accounts, usernames and passwords and were able to understand why certain accounts were being used for what purposes, Hatch & Fly was able to simplify the process for Holly. We even helped her separate her work and family communications so it wouldn’t drive her bonkers, and we also gave her the ability to share calendars across accounts so they could easily plan kid activities, and family obligations around work duties. Let’s face it, being a boss babe isn’t easy!

In addition to setting Mr. Rooter up on Google Suite and simplifying the owners lives, we also helped setup all devices for their team members and connected the domain they owned to direct to their existing website, done by their franchise office. The proudest moment for Audrey was when Holly called her to tell her about another app available on Google Suite that she was using for her kids homeschooling group and she had the opportunity to teach Audrey about the features! 

At Hatch & Fly, we love empowering business owners to live their lives as efficiently as possible so they can focus on what really matters.


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