Owning a small business is a wonderful way to explore your independence, harness your ambition, and foster your entrepreneurial spirit. Still, it also comes with its own formidable set of challenges. Business owners starting their own companies will often encounter issues that previous “9-5” jobs failed to prepare them for.

At Hatch & Fly, we get it.

Being a small business ourselves puts us in a unique position to be of assistance to our small business neighbors. Here’s how:

Every Wednesday from September 26th till November 14th, we will be inviting the owner(s) of a locally owned, service-based, small business to have breakfast on us, where you’ll be encouraged to bring challenges, questions, and ideas to the table. Anything you want to discuss, we’re all ears!

The question is, what can we all bring to the table?  


We want to connect, collaborate, and create a sense of community among small, local business owners.


By bouncing ideas off of like minded individuals, we hope to improve the experience of starting a businesses in the local Tallahassee business community. As a hometown Marketing and Project Management Firm, we can offer advice, encouragement, or just be a friendly ear.

The breakfast is per invitation only for qualified applicants who submit a form on our website. In order to qualify, your business must be a startup that was founded in the last three years, service-based, and locally owned and operated employing fifty people or less.

Interested? Sign up here and we’ll reach out soon.

In a nutshell:

When is breakfast?

Each Wednesday 9:30 – 11, September 26 – Nov 14th by invitation.

How do I qualify to receive an invitation?

  1. A locally owned, service-based, business
  2. Operating for three years or less
  3. Have less than 50 employees

How do I apply? Complete the form on this page.


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