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Shea Atkin, LMT, became our client while working for another local company in town as their community engagement specialist. She quickly became one of our favorite people to work with. She has an enormous passion for helping others heal through massage therapy and trauma touch therapy and it is her true calling in this beautiful life. When she decided to open Body Alchemy, she pulled from a team of amazing artists and marketing gurus who rallied together to support her in her start up efforts.

Hatch & Fly assisted Shea in setting up her Google Suite email, connecting her devices so she could work easily and efficiently with her business tools and social media and gave guidance and direction on best practices for her social media. 

The moment we turned back on her Facebook Page, she immediately received more than 15 five star reviews within just a couple of days and hundreds followed Body Alchemy’s page. The beauty of working with top notch professionals is that marketing is so much easier to spread the word and connect customers when our client’s reputations precede themselves.


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