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Executive Team


The Monarch Butterfly, Agency Director & Director of Business Development

Audrey is the Founder and Agency Director of our team at Hatch & Fly. She has 21 years of experience teaching, training and improving sales and performance for organizations through community relations, marketing, event management and systems design.  Learn more about Audrey and Hatch & Fly here.

  • Favorite song of all time, and why? Wonder by Emeli Sande because it is exactly how I feel about why I am here on this earth!  I love running to this song and I got to see her live in Atlanta in 2013. She’s an incredible singer and she moves me.
  • What quote would be on my headstone?“People will forget what you say and do, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelo
  • Last book I read/Last movie I saw: The Purpose Driven Life and 22 Jump Street
  • My professional philosophy in one sentence: A smile in your head and heart will brighten any journey.


Chief Flight Officer, CFO

Leanne lives by the creed that everyone has a responsibility to make a positive impact on the lives of their family, friends, co-workers and those in their community. She has a passion for driving success in small businesses and does this by focusing on the details, analyzing the data and using these to come up with strategies that foster growth.
  • Favorite song of all time, and why? Going to California by Led Zeppelin. ‘Standing on a hill in my mountain of dreams telling myself it’s not as hard as it seems’.
  • What quote would be on my headstone? Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for The Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9
  • Last book I read/Last movie I saw: The Brothers Karamazov/Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
  • My professional philosophy in one sentence: Have the heart of a servant and do everything you can to make others around you successful.


Director of Operations & Lead Project Manager

Tyler is currently finishing up his senior year at Flagler College. He is recently engaged,
loves to cook, and enjoys doing just about anything outdoors. When it comes to marketing,
he is especially interested in social media and looks forward to the opportunity to use his
creativity toward this at Hatch & Fly!

  • Favorite Song of All time and Why: ‘Perfectly Lonely’ by John Mayer because it demonstrates
    his artistry and excellent guitar playing.
  • What quote would be on my headstone? “Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” – Mother Teresa
  • Last Book/Movie: Shaken by Tim Tebow/The Greatest Showman
  • Philosophy: Respect others, work hard, have integrity, and amazing opportunities will come
    your way.

Content Consulting Editors

Teresa Coulter, Cocoon Builder, Consulting Editor


Cocoon Builder, Consulting Editor

Teresa believes the key to success in life is eggs for breakfast every morning and cuddling with a kitten every night. She loves to write, dance, and eat.

Teresa grew up in Orlando and headed up to Florida State University to pursue a degree in public relations. During this time she had internship experience with politics, advertising, and sports marketing. After her bachelor’s she immediately began pursuing a graduate degree in Integrated Marketing Communications where she completed her thesis on Organizational Identification Theory.

Post grad, Teresa has worked as a communications associate and digital coordinator across the Tallahassee political field. She has experience with social media management, media relations, website management, and public relations writing.

In her free time you’ll most likely find her hanging out with her cat, at the gym, or creating the perfect craft cocktail.

  • Favorite song of all time, and why? “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton because it’s soulful, immersive, and it gives me a chance to showcase my spectacularly terrible ballad voice. His voice, however, iseverything.
  • What quote would be on my headstone? “Can’t Win ‘Em All.”
  • Last book I read/Last movie I saw: “The Four Loves,” C.S. Lewis.
  • My professional philosophy in one sentence: Coffee first, then life…then also more coffee.


Cocoon Builder, Consulting Editor

Jessica Levco has more than 8+ years experience as a journalist, marketer and social media specialist. She’s worn several hats (well, not real hats–they give her bad hair) as a newspaper reporter, magazine writer, website editor and agency project manager. As a freelance writer, her work has been published on ABC News, Entrepreneur, Chicago Magazine and the Chicago Tribune. When she’s not writing, she’s giving food tours in her Chicago neighborhood.

  • Favorite Song of All time and Why: “Take the ‘A’ Train” by Duke Ellington
  • Headstone: Well, that was fun.
  • Last Book/Movie: Master of The Senate by Robert Caro
  • Philosophy: Just eat the cookie.

Mandy Bianchi

Cocoon Builder, Content Strategist

Mandy Stark Bianchi, an industry-recognized veteran professional, has more than 20 years of combined experience in state associations, public relations agencies, newsrooms, local nonprofits and as a self-employed freelance writer, editor and marketing expert. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Florida Public Relations Association Capital Chapter and the Tallahassee Society of Association Executives and currently serves as President of the Florida Epilepsy Alliance as well as Treasurer of United Partners for Human Services. Mandy is currently the Executive Director of the Epilepsy Association of the Big Bend.

Mandy is a 1997 graduate of Tallahassee Community College, a 2000 graduate of Florida A&M University’s School of Media, Journalism and Graphic Design and a 2013 graduate of Liberty University’s Master of Business Management and Leadership Program. She is a 2010 graduate of the Tallahassee Society of Association Executive Professional Association Leadership six-month training program as well as a 2016 graduate of the Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship Tallahassee Nonprofit Executive Program.

She has dedicated more than 1,500 hours of her time over the last 10 years to charities such as Meals on Wheels, The Southeastern Community Blood Center, United Way’s ReadingPALS and the Leon County Schools Lunch Mentor Program and has an 13-year history volunteering for the Ride for Hope, three of which she directed the entire bike-riding, family fun, cancer awareness event to raise money for the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Cancer Center. In 2006, the event attracted 87 cyclists and in 2018, hosted more than 600 cyclists.

Known for having a positive attitude, being intuitive, highly creative and active in the Tallahassee community, Mandy has superior written, verbal, storytelling and relationship-building skills along with strong digital, social media, web and office abilities. She loves road trips, concerts, attending Good Samaritan United Methodist church, and spending time with her husband, two daughters, friends, family and her four cats and two dogs.

Marketing Assistants


Incubation Specialist, Marketing Intern

Nikki was born in Torrance, California and moved to Merritt Island, Florida when she was 7. She is currently a junior at Florida State University, pursuing a degree in Marketing and Finance. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, athletic training, and Sunday afternoon brunch. She is specifically interested in the social media and photography aspect of marketing and is excited to learn more with the team at Hatch & Fly this Summer.

  • Favorite Song of All time and Why: Any song written by Jack Johnson because it puts me in the best mood; I can play his music repeatedly. It never gets old to me.
  • What quote would be on my headstone? “A life may last for just a moment, but memory can make that moment last forever.”
  • Last Book/Movie: Cravings by Chrissy Teigen/Jumanji
  • Philosophy: “Love the life you live. Live the life you love.”


Incubation Specialist, Marketing Intern

Julia is a Tallahassee native and is currently a student at Florida State, working towards a degree in Marketing with minor studies in International Affairs. Julia loves FSU and has enjoyed serving as a University Ambassador, giving campus tours and creating connections with prospective students and families from around the globe. A typical day in the life for her will probably include cooking lots of gluten-free food, low-key planning her next trip back to London, and investing in her friendships. She is passionate about forming meaningful connections with others and learning how to better do so in the marketing industry.

  • Favorite Song of All time and Why: ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ by Cyndi Lauper. It’s my favorite because it immediately puts me in a good mood and makes me dance!
  • What quote would be on my headstone? “I used to be afraid of failing at something that really mattered to me, but now I’m more afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.” Bob Goff
  • Last Book/Movie: Celiac and the Beast by Erica Dermer/Notting Hill
  • Philosophy: Engaging in relationships with others through your work fosters creativity and drives you to something greater than yourself.  

Marketing Support


Incubation Specialist, Marketing Assistant

Reeves is North Carolina born, Georgia raised, and currently enjoying her last semester at Florida State. As an editing, writing, and media major, she has spent the last four years writing anything and everything from book reports, research papers, essays, and poetry, to tweets, Instagram captions, text messages, and blog posts.

She loves dogs, running, Starbucks, chocolate, music, and people. She believes success begins with kindness and an open mind and is so excited for the opportunity to work with the Hatch & Fly team before she pursues a career in Lifestyle PR and Marketing in New York City.

  • Favorite Song of All time and Why: #41 by Dave Matthews performed live at Radio City because it is beautiful and never gets old to me. Plus I have the biggest crush ever on Mr. Matthews.
  • Headstone: “That was so fun.”
  • Last Book/Movie: Big Little Lies/The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
  • PhilosophyGive your best effort and be nice and you’ll find yourself very lucky.   


Incubation Specialist, Marketing Assistant

Ashden is originally from a small town called Buford, Georgia, however, her past 10 years have been spent endluging in the beauty and beaches of Indian Rocks, Florida. She recently moved to Tallahassee to pursue a degree in Business Marketing with a minor in Advertising at Florida State University. The key to her heart is an experienced Google Calendar connoisseur and any food with avocado. An average day for her consists of watching HGTV’s Fixer Upper where she fantasizes about her ranch style farmhouse in the heart of Waco, Texas, and of course cooking her favorite chipotle chicken avocado wraps. She hopes to diversify her knowledge of the marketing world by immersing herself in hands on experience at Hatch & Fly.

  • Favorite Song of All time and Why: “All I Ever Wanted” by Vance Joy because everytime I listen to it I feel like I’m cruising down the streets of some quaint town in a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado.
  • Headstone: “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” –Mahatma Gandhi
  • Last Book/Movie: Finding Alaska by John Green / Incredibles 2 and yes, it was worth the 14 year wait!
  • Philosophy: “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.” -Theodore Roosevelt   

Graphic Design

Nicholas Charles Tuma, Art Director


Flight Illustration Specialist, Art Director

Nicholas Tuma has a passion for both visual and verbal communication. His design process helps entities identify who they are, establish brand affinity and meet specific targets by combining research, brainstorming and a sense of aesthetics. Nicholas’s method and style of creating, listening, and collaborating with partners builds trust and a positive working relationship. He earned his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Graphic Communication from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University.

  • Favorite song of all time, and why? Al Green “Let’s Stay Together”
  • What quote would be on my headstone? Pull My Finger…..
  • Last book I read/Last movie I saw: The Giver and Kids (1995)
  • My professional philosophy in one sentence: Although many people assume graphic designers are artists… I let them know from the beginning that we are very technical, we communicate with color, shapes and typography; There are rules; I do have a background in fine art but now everything I create has a purpose and communicates to a specific target audience.


Flight Illustration Specialist, Graphic Designer

Cliff has been a graphic designer and photographer in Tallahassee since 1996 and believes he has the best job in town. He greatly enjoys the continuous challenge of creating fresh ideas and learning new things. Communicating through design is something he’s always been interested in; he remembers being fascinated by movie posters and magazines covers as a little kid and grew up wanting to learn how it was done. When he is not working, he will most likely be found in the woods on his mountain bike or traveling around the country.

  • Favorite song of all time, and why? The Mariner’s Revenge Song by The Decemberists. It’s a fun song that tells a crazy story.
  • What quote would be on my headstone? “Died Tragically Rescuing His Family From The Remains Of A Destroyed Sinking Battleship”
  • Last book I read/Last movie I saw: Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson.
  • My professional philosophy in one sentence: Have fun and get the job done.


Flight Illustration Specialist, Graphic Designer/Web Designer

Alli is a Graphic Designer, New Media Artist, Web Designer, and Printmaker who is drawn to bright colors, clean graphics, and bold type. Despite her exciting design aesthetic, Alli is an introvert at heart and spends her free time reading, hiking, canoeing, and screenprinting. In 2016, she embarked on an 85-mile canoe trip, an experience which she considers her greatest accomplishment to this day. To Alli, the most exciting part about being a designer is the way the industry is always changing, because it allows designers to always learn and grow.

  • Favorite song of all time, and why? Keepin’ the Faith by Billy Joel. It’s the best to jam out to in the car & it always reminds me to never stop trying and living!
  • What quote would be on my headstone? Probably won’t have one… #GreenBurial #LoveTheEarthAfterDeath
  • Last book I read/Last movie I saw: The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood (a must read if you love the show!)/Princess Diaries
  • My professional philosophy in one sentence: “When everything feels like an uphill struggle, just imagine the view from the top.”

Public Relations

Sandi Poreda, APR


Flight Specialist, Strategist & Public Relations

As one of only a few thousand nationally accredited public relations professionals, Sandi is always looking for new or better ways to connect with people and help them tell their story. She has more than a decade of experience in developing and implementing strategic marketing and communications plans. Sandi earned her Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University, where she currently serves as an adjunct professor for the College of Communication and Information.

  • Favorite song of all time, and why? “O’ Holy Night” by Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews; it brings me peace, no matter what.
  • What quote would be on my headstone? She lived hard; she loved hard.
  • Last book I read/Last movie I saw: American Sniper by Chris Kyle; About Time, a beautiful story about a family whose love defies time.
  • My professional philosophy in one sentence: Be smart, be honest, be tough.

SEO Strategists


Kaleidoscope Strategist, Digital Analyst/Strategist

After graduating with a Business Management & Marketing degree from Georgia Southern University in 2010 and a couple of years in Los Angeles, Jessica has been focused on learning everything she can about the ever-changing digital marketing world since she landed in the Capital City five years ago. In her free time, Jessica enjoys cooking, traveling, and exploring Florida outdoors with her fiance. Her attention to detail, style of communication, and work ethic are nothing short of outstanding.

  • Favorite song of all time, and why? It’s hard not to choose the Allman Brothers Band song I was named after, “Jessica.” That will always be a favorite of mine. I’d say for the past decade or so my favorite song has been, “This Sky” by The Derek Trucks Band.
  • What quote would be on my headstone? “Question authority, love the one you’re with, share and share alike.”
  • Last book I read/Last movie I saw: Freedom from the Known by Jiddu Krishnamurti – a great book I’ve been reading this summer, and I think the last movie I watched was Moana with my sister and niece. I totally get all the hype!
  • My professional philosophy in one sentence: “Knowledge is power.” A more playful professional philosophy of mine I also try to keep in mind — “Ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it!”