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Insights on the Fly: Social Media Management

Digital Communications Specialist, Tyler Stirrat, started as an intern and worked his way up to Management.

Tyler began his journey at Hatch & Fly doing social media where he could use his creativity aas well as get hands on experience to go along with what he is learning in school. Soon after he moved over into a management role where he was began working with clients doing their social media. He enjoys his role of using his creativity for different types of brands, content and messaging.

There are different types of components that go into getting communications out for each clients. Each campaign is different, so sometimes you have to get the same message across in different ways. Being able to utilize each campaign in order to reach each client’s goals is a large part of social media management.

One of the publishing platforms that Hatch & Fly uses is called HeyOrca! It is a great tool for planning, approving and publishing! Adding Hatch & Fly’s personal touch has helped create engagement, be more specific, and have more interaction with the clients.

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