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Brand Attributes

Brand Attributes are the components of your brand that collectively define it. These are internal descriptions that will provide clarity as you pursue growth through business development and marketing, build stronger relationships with your target client and manage how your firm communicates.

These brand attributes should be measured on a regular basis to determine how your target audience feels about your brand and whether any adjustments are necessary. We have outlined the key Brand Attributes we believe are the key to a successful business!



Brand Heritage

What is the story of your brand? Our Agency Director has seen good intentions and ideas go to waste because no one was there to manage the implementation. Businesses struggle to implement their marketing strategies because they know their businesses and they’re focused on managing their businesses. Marketing takes experience and attention to fine detail. Audrey identified this gap in professional services for small, local businesses and began building ways to improve processes , develop good team standards, and standardize excellent customer experience. Hatch and Fly is built on the concept that businesses can outsource their marketing needs to an expert team and their projects can be fully scalable depending on their needs.


Brand Domain

Where do you compete in the marketplace? At Hatch and Fly we work with medium sized businesses in service based industries, as well as non-profit organizations and associations.


Brand Values

This is the DNA of your brand. These are Hatch and Fly’s core values….

Creativity: We have some crazy ideas, and sometimes that’s just what the client needs to break out of the box.

Individuality: We refuse to accept a solution just because it works for someone else.

Trendsetters: We are constantly looking for new and better ways to help our clients connect with their customers.

Strategic: We create plans for our clients so they have a specific roadmap to use.

Transparency: We want our clients to know exactly what we’re doing at all times.

Education: We’re passionate about teaching our clients.

Laughter: We work hard, but also don’t take life too seriously.


Brand Assets

Define what differentiates your brand from its competitors. At Hatch and Fly, we are not doing this for the money. We genuinely care about our clients and we work as a team with the client. There is a level of respect and professionalism that is expected in both directions.


Brand Reflection

This is how your brand makes clients feel about themselves and should be measured by regular interaction and gathering feedback from your clients. Your vibes attracts your tribe!


Brand Promise

Determining what your brand will deliver better than your competitors is an important key. At Hatch and Fly we will deliver personal project management as seamlessly as if we were a member of your staff. You can expect the same level of quality from us as you would from a larger agency, but with a level of personal attention and affordability that is often out of reach for smaller companies.

Mission, Vision & Values Statement

These statements are for both internal and external use. They will provide more specific guidance about your firm’s stated purpose, where your firm is headed and how clients can expect to be treated when they work with you.

Your mission statement is your core purpose; essentially: why or for what purpose does your firm exist?

Values represent your core priorities or principles in business.

What do you stand for?


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