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protecting your home and privacy

Protecting Your Home & Privacy

Protecting your home and privacy as a small business owner is an essential element for any business with registered agents, representatives of the organization.

When people register a business to become a legal entity on sunbiz.org or their state’s business registration platform, they are filling public records. That means anyone can look them up online and find their names and addresses. How many business owners or friends do you know who own a business and filed to open their business using their home address? Scary.

We recommend setting up a mailbox at the UPS store. The great thing about doing this is that this particular style of address may be used as a physical address and it can also be verified as the company address for business listings online. Google is the best example for this, since you can’t verify your business listing until you are able to receive a postcard with pin verification.


We highly recommend not using your home address on your business listings. Get a box, write it off, and stay safe! 

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